3D Max Course

3D Max Course is highly focused on Professional Training of,Structural Design to prepare Student for Careers in Architectural/Interior Design Field.This Course starts with Basic from Autocad,in which,we understand complexity of Design in 2D form,we Convert 2D Cad Drawing to 3D,with help of Autodesk 3D Max. In 3D Max,we build Scale to Scale 3dExterior/3dInterior with Realistic Texture and Lighting.This process is called 3D Visulization.We also teach  3d Walkthrough usually begin with the panoramic depiction of the external features that include landscaping, hedges, fences, roads and exterior surroundings in general.The exterior view of the building shows the façade where structure, architecture,materials and design can be understood.3D walkthroughs of interiors portray textures, colours, light intensity, reflection, play of shadows, light illumination from different fixtures and reflection of light from different objects in the room. Innovative animation with sound effects can also be created if necessary..

Software packages you will learn include:

  • Autocad
  • Autodesk 3D Max
  • V-ray
  • Mental-Ray
  • Adobe Photoshop                   


  • 3d Interior Designing
  • 3d Exterior
  • 3d perspective
  • Landscaping
  • 3d Walkthrough

The scope and possibilities of the discipline in 3D Max Course  of interior design are extensive. Interior designers may specialize in kitchen or bathroom design, on interpreting trends and fashion, or focus on the architecture and fabric of a building’s interior. A designer’s skill when it comes to creating efficient and beautiful interiors is to work with clients to find out what they need from the space they live or work in, and to research, create and deliver an interior space that meets the project brief.With the help of 3D Max Course we can Visualize the Output very Quickly.

Our Student's Work

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Exterior Design


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