VRay Training For 3D Max & Sketch Up

Vray is 3rd party plugin for many 3d softwares, we will concentrate on 3Dmax & Sketch up.VRay is widely used as lighting and rendering plugin,3D Studios prefer VRay for its accuracy and lightning fast output.It uses Global illumination algorithms that includes irradiance map,Lighting trace and Brut Froce.In simple language gives realistic rendering of Interior Design or Exterior Design.
Now a days VRay is undisputed market leader in realistic rendering either it may be 3dmax or Sketchup.In this course you will learn from basic to advance of Lighting, Texturing and Rendering.Vray course also includes Physical Camera learning curve which resembles with real life DSLR Camera adjustments.

Some Important Topics we will Learn

  • Using VRay UI elements and Frame buffer
  • Color mapping modes and adjmentsTypes of Vray Lights
  • VRay Sun and Sky system with Dome lights
  • Reflective & Refractive Materials
  • Translucency effects
  • VRay Fur for Rugs materials
  • Controlling VRay Physical Camera
  • 360 degree Rendering

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