VFX pro course is concentrated Program for Students looking for Visual Effects like compositing, rotoscoping, Colour Correction ,Digital integration to name few.This course starts with basic foundation program with High end Cinematic effects which are vastly used in Hollywood / Bollywood films.

Software packages includes

Adobe After Effects
Adobe After effects is most powerful software in Visual Effects Industry. You will learn to create stunning Visuals with help of award winning tools of Adobe After effects. We will Discover how to build accurate masks and keys, use rotoscoping to separate foreground from background, perform motion and camera tracking, and add your own 3D elements to a scene.
Some Important Topics, We will Learn

  • Creating transparency for Footages
  • Tracking masks in Clips
  • Roto Brush tool
  • Color Keying
  • Camera and motion tracking
  • Working with 3D layer  Using effects
  • Creating destruction with Shatter
  • Creating fire with particles
  • Distorting layers with the Puppet tool
  • Compositing 3D renders
Foundry Nuke
Nuke is the compositing software that is used at high-end studios to create those mind-blowing effects.In this Software you will learn about node based compositing, color keying,rotoscoping ,tracking and many more things.Starting with introduction to high end visuals, you will create amazing shots in this software package.

Some important Topics,We will learn

  • Working with RGB channels
  • Merging images with footages
  • Color correction
  • Transforming and reformatting images
  • Rotoscoping Characters
  • Keying and compositing
  • Warping and morphing footage
  • Compositing in 3D
Adobe Mocha
Mocha’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking and effects tools have a proven record on film & television projects including: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Blade Runner 2049, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and many more. Planar tracking, roto-masking, stabilizing, replacing screens and removing objects is made easy with Mocha.
We will learn from basics to advance  to get you working quickly with mocha plugins and the standalone version, mocha Pro. The project-based course teaches the core ideas that drives the entire mocha family of products.

Some important topics,We will learn

  • Using tracking data for different tasks
  • Masking occlusions
  • Using offset tracking
  • Rotoscoping fundamentals
  • Creating complex mask shapes efficiently
  • Stabilizing footage
  • Correcting for lens distortion in footage
  • Generating a 3D camera solve

SilhouetteFX began as a rotoscoping tool for the visual effects industry. SilhouetteFX has been expanded to include capabilities facilitating paint, warping and morphing, 2D to 3D conversion and alternative matting methods. As of V6, SilhouetteFX retains all of the aforementioned capabilities now embedded in a node-based digital compositing application.

    Fusion from BlackmagicDesign , Fusion is the world’s most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers, and 3D animators. Over the last 30 years, Fusion has been used on thousands of Hollywood blockbuster movies and television shows.

    Some important topics, we will learn

    • Camera Tracking
    • Planer Tracking
    • Delta Keyer
    • Planar Rotoscoping
    • Vector Painting
    • Broadcast Graphics and Titles
    Placement Options after completion of course
    After successful completion of VFX pro course students are placed in various studio on different positions as below:

    • Visual Effects Compositor
    • Roto Paint Artist
    • Matte paint Artist
    • Compositing Artist
    • Match moving Artist
    • Tracking & DI Artist
    • VFX Artist

    Our Students Work