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Adobe Photoshop

Graphic Design Course is creative process like Designing making layouts , scribbling, Logo Designing and UI/UX Design. Graphic Design is very broad term, it includes lot of creative branches as discussed above, In recent years graphic design has gained lot attention in Media Industry because of creative software are making news.In this course you will learn right from basics that is scribbling to making huge critical Design with help of Designing software like Adobe Photoshop,CorelDraw,Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Indesign

Some Important Topics, We will learn

  • Customizing Graphics workspace in Adobe Photoshop
  • Create Graphics for Print Media/Web
  • How to judge Print safe fonts / colors
  • Creating Texture and Brushes
  • Image Manipulation & Enhancer
  • Layer Composition with FX
  • Web Design Mockups
  • UI Design Mockups
Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator enables designers and artist to take their sketching and idea to next level by painting, illustration tracing and many more. Adobe Illustrator is Vector graphic Software, in simple language it does not get pixilated while zooming in.In Adobe Illustrator, you will learn to create vibrant graphics, Broucher,Logos and complete web design design layout. Adobe Illustrator is very strong in colour management through art boards and colour swatches.In this course you will also learn in depth about adding drop shadow,live effects and setting up interface elements with image sprites of smart objects.

Some Important Topics, We will Learn

  • Basics of Adobe illustrator
  • Decoding the elements of Designing
  • Flat Icons Design with Mock ups
  • Creating Wireframes for link connection
  • Designing Colour Swatches with different art boards

CorelDraw is flagship option for designers when it come to printing,Making logos, Embossing. CorelDraw has strong hold in Media Industry for its user friendly interface of software and shortcuts for tools they provide.
CorelDraw has new font manager and extensive library of fonts within software itself. In this course you will learn from basics to advance like pick,shape,crop,curve and interactive tools.

Some Important Topics, We will Learn

  • Understanding Dockers
  • Using grids, rulers & Rulers
  • Setting a Template for reuse
  • Manipulation of objects
  • Importing Jpeg and bitmaps
  • Customizing color pallet
  • PDF presentation
  • Importing Cad data
Adobe Indesign

Adobe Indesign is desktop publishing software, It is widely used by Graphic design artist for creating posters, flyers, brouchers, magazines, newspaper ads. InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices. InDesign is preferred tool for designing for creating digital magazines & publication. In this course you will learn from basics to advance like making Style sheets,coding markup, periodical publication and many tools which are used widely in print media industry.

Some Important Topics, We will Learn

  • Customizing workspace for Print Media
  • Placing graphics and QR codes and barcodes
  • Formatting objects
  • Creating swatches and Gradient palate
  • How to use dropcaps,bullets and numbering
  • Creating interactive PDF
  • Proofing a document with preflight
  • Exporting documents for printing
Career Paths
  • Graphic Designer
  • Brand identity developer
  • Broadcast Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Illustrator Artist
  • Visual Image Developer
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Interface Designer
  • Layout artist
  • Web Designer
  • Package Designer
  • UI designer

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