Film Editing & VFX

Film editing is a part of the process of filmmaking. It involves selection and combining of shots into sequences, and ultimately creating a finished motion picture. It is an art of storytelling.

Film editing is the only art that is unique to cinema,the only art that is unique to cinema, separating film-making from other art forms that preceded it (such as photography, theater, dance, writing, and directing ) , although there are close parallels to the editing process in other art forms like poetry or novel writing.

With the advent of digital editing, film editors and their assistants have become responsible for many areas of filmmaking that used to be the responsibility of others. For instance, in past years picture editors dealt only with just that—picture. Sound, music, and (more recently) visual effects editors dealt with the practicalities of other aspects of the editing process, usually under the direction of the picture editor and director. However, digital systems have increasingly put these responsibilities on the picture editor. It is common, especially on lower budget films, for the assistant editors or even the editor to cut in music, mock up visual effects, and add sound effects or other sound replacements. These temporary elements are usually replaced with more refined final elements by the sound, music, and visual effects teams hired to complete the picture.

Software packages you will learn includes:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Nuke
  • Adobe Mocha

Film Editing Career Options:

  • Editer/Assistant Editer
  • Production Designer
  • Editor
  • Line Producer
  • Compositer
  • Paint Artist
  • Rotomation Artist
  • Visual FX
  • DVD Authoring
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
  • VFX  T.D

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